Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tom Martin Place

Martin Farm

When Mom was a kid they lived outside Bonfield on Tom Martin's farm. I've heard about the Martin Place and we searched for it several times without success. Aunt Dorothy drew us a map and after our great Mother's Day lunch (May 2006) we went to Bonfield. We found their old one-room school that is now a house and Mom didn't need a map from there. We found the place, went up the long lane and a huge dog was standing guard. Their house is gone and another one had been built behind the old one. Mom told Marilyn Rose and I how the Arnold kids would roll down the incline in the front yard. So much fun. They would walk down to the mailbox, which was further north of the lane, and meet the mailman. Her brother Welty was the musician/singer of the family and he would sing for them on the way to the mailbox. Her Mother would sometimes sing hymns and old songs around the house.

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