Friday, March 11, 2011

Welty and Berle Arnold, Erwin Arthur 1938

   Erwin's Dad (Joe) and brother were killed in a carwreck May 29, 1927 in Custer Park, when a train hit their car on route 113 not far from Bonfield. Uncle Tom Arthur took the bodies back home to rest in the Arthur-Adkins cemetery across the road from John Arthur's home place. Erwin (19) died from a gunshot wound in 1939 near the Hector St Germain place one half mile north of Mom's uncle Tom Arthur's place on what was once called the EZ Way Bumps Road and then one mile west towards Dad's cousin George Miller Jr's place. My Grandpa, George Arnold, testified to the Sheriff's police that his nephew Erwin "had trouble" with Aubrey St Germain over a 16 year old girl, Lucille Boles, of St George. Lucille had been going with Erwin until a few weeks before the shooting and was with Erwin just before the shooting. She was the niece of Mrs Marie Woodall of 543 West Merchant, Kankakee and was temporarily living with her. Aubrey admitted having a few dates with the girl but denied there was any trouble with Arthur. Case was ruled a suicide. I will add more background to this story later.