Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mom and Dad Get Married

The Wedding- 4 Aug 1938

LaVerne Henry Louis Miller married Lucille (no middle name) Arnold 4 Aug 1938. The picture was taken at his parent's home. He was 21 and she 18. Her older brother Welty Arnold (Best Man) and his wife Martha attended. They wanted a small, quiet wedding and that's what they had. People were invited to the wedding dance based on a notice in the Kankakee Republican News newspaper. The dance was held two Saturday nights after the wedding at the Dreamland nightclub. Dreamland was located on the corner of Rte 17 W and what is now called the Limestone School Road. It was a huge place that ran wide open during the war. It burnt down in early 1950, I think. Limestone Township finally formed a Fire Department after this fire. Some people brought gifts and others threw cash in a hat. Mom's parents, George and Marietta (Et) Arthur Arnold, did not come because she never drank or danced and didn't believe in it. He did and did. Dad's parents, Luther and Anna Nacke Miller, came  and danced but didn't stay long. Attendees were primarily their friends. And that was the beginning of my family!

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