Thursday, November 18, 2010

George Miller Family 12 kids

Top-Grace Ohrt, Ferd, George Jr, Maurice, Goldie Stone

Middle-Arlene Ohrt, Ruth DuBois, Ida May Shilky, Alice Jordan

Bottom-Marge Hengl, Ida, George Sr, Pearl Peterson
George Sr was My Grandpa's brother. They lived along the Kankakee river on Rte 113. Pearl is the remaining one and she is in her 90's. Mom's Uncle Tom Arthur farmed with Dad's Uncle George.  Tom farmed north of Ropers on the EZ -Way bumps Road.. The boys were all single except George Jr and they dug many of the graves at the Limestone Cemetery where most of the Millers and a some of the Arnolds (Welty, Martha, Loren, Larry) are buried.
Picture couresy of Adele Foltz Howard.

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