Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stonebrook Farm

Stonebrook Farm

Mom and Dad lived here in the early 40's. It's a beautiful spot overlooking the Kankakee River and Wiley Creek. Dad always joked that Bill never learned to close the door because he was born in this barn. Grandpa Miller bought Dad the first electric start tractor in the township. But Dad would rather spend the night on the town instead of on the tractor. First a barn was built here by the Wiley family in 1858 using stone cut from the property. Then in 1862 the house was built and later a blacksmith's shop. In 1938 lawyer Luther Bratton bought the farm (240 acres) from the Wiley family and gave it to his girlfriend, Vida Kirk. Her heirs auctioned it off in 1980 and the home was purchased by the Daily Journal, owned by Guv Small's heirs, and the farm was purchased by Merlin Karlock, bank President and onetime Republican candidate for the US House. They renovated the house and barn after these pictures were taken in 1983 and now use the barn for select meetings. Today the area is growing over with beautiful new large homes everywhere.

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