Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Miller Kids

Stairstep Picture about 1947

I've always called this the "Stairstep Picture". It was taken at 368 Tanner Avenue at the SE corner near the basement entrance about 1947. Mom named all of us kids except for Bill, Dad insisted he name him, the others didn't make any difference. Mom would be expecting and would read a name in a book, magazine, or newspaper that she liked and that was it! Phyllis Ann was first on 19 July 1939. Vernon Luther (after Dad and Grandpa Miller) was next on 11 September 1940. Marilyn Rose came on 3 June 1942 and I was 8 August 1943. Denny Ray was the baby from 15 November 1944 until 4 September 1950 when Marsha Lynn arrived. I asked Mom where she got the nickname "Tubby" and she said "You gave it to her!" seems she was a fat baby and I called her Tubby and it stuck. Dad also gave Bill his nickname. He always called him "Willy Bill" and then shortened it to Bill. Dad's family spoke German around the house and when the family would gather on Sunday they all spoke it except for Mom. She refused to. Dad was a hard-headed Kraut but he wasn't as hard-headed as Mom. After spending some time with the Arthur's in Kentucky I now know where the hard heads in the family come from! Dad had a lot of old German tales, jokes and sayings. The Kaiser was winning the war when Dad was born (20 July 1917). Kaiser Wilhelm was called "Kaiser Willy", "Kaiser Bill" and other names. I theorize that was the origin of Bill's name. Look at the picture and you can see Dad's truck parked up in the yard. The yard had ruts in it from his trucks. The tall elm trees can also be seen, lost those to Dutch elm tree disease in the late fifties. There is a little snow on the ground.

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