Friday, February 25, 2011

Gramma Cuz

Finished talking with Gramma Cuz earlier this evening and she is having a really great day! She was laughing and joking and enjoying the conversation; her conversing and me listening. I purchased some old books years ago that were printed for the Kankakee St Paul's Lutheran Church (1979 and 1986), the church we were all raised in, baptized in, and the older Millers buried by. I was surprised to see many relatives, high school classmates and others that I once knew. I made copies of pictures of Arvella Foltz, Buck's wife, and will send one to Buck's sister Adel as we exchange letters frequently. Another one was of Grace Ohrt, dads cousin and sister to Pearle Peterson as we write each other too. Pearle (at 95) is the last one of the 12 children of George Miller, grandpa's brother. Classmates were Guiney, Cartier, Nehls, Belden and more. Other surprises in the communicant membership list included Tom McVey, son of Seth McVey, Aunt Gertie's ex-husband, the Osterhoff's, (Denny's in-laws), and Gerald Peters a neighbor near us in Milkes Grove Township. Give her a call and you will both enjoy it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Aunt Dorothy

Thinking of her tonight as she was in the hospital today with a blocked artery in her leg. Has to return there next week. This picture of Mardene and her was from 1976

Monday, February 7, 2011

Carol and Judy Arthur In The 1961 Bradleyan

 Some years ago this book was passed around to the Arnold sisters and they pointed out the Arthur girls to me. Bob Arthur is also in the book as a junior. Carol is Lee Arthur's daughter and Judy is Herman Arthur's daughter and only child.

Betty Thorson

 For many decades I've collected high school annuals and other publications related to Kankakee. This is the 1961 Bradleyan that once belonged to Terry Witthoft, a junior. Cousin Betty was a senior. So was Cousin Loren Arnold and Jerry Thorson but they didn't have a picture. Others were Carol Arthur and Judy Arthur (both seniors). I bought the Kankakee Journal published the day Betty was born and mailed it to her a long time ago. It was a snapshot of what was going on in the Kankakee area and the world on the day she entered this life. I also bought Phyllis Ann a yearbook of her senior class and presented it to her back in the days Mom and her kids came together once a month to celebrate our birthdays and friendship. I have been looking for one for Marilyn Rose (1960) for years but as of yet without any luck but I did find one of her first husband and my great friend and protector, Charlie Walwer! I was lucky and found two St Anne yearbooks when Aunt Dora was a schoolkid. She really appreciated them. Many of the antique stores have closed up in that area and I haven't shopped there for a year or two. Time to get back at it!

Goodbye Aunt Edith

For the first time in my life I was in a room with Aunt Edith and she was quiet. Not normal as she always had something to say and she said what she wanted to, when she wanted to, and to whomsoever she wanted to. But today she couldn't say more nor could anyone say anything to her. I had stopped at her house several times lately and I am glad I did. We were not close as we could've been and we can no longer be close in this lifetime anyway. Everybody dies someday so stop by and visit your family and friends or send them a card or call them. Share your life while you can.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Aunt Edith's Obit

Edith Palermo
Click on an image for larger version.
Born: May 05, 1923
Died: February 03, 2011
Services:  Prayer service will be held on Monday, February 7, 2011 at 2pm at the Kankakee Chapel of the Schreffler Funeral Homes.
Visitation:  Visitation will take place on Monday, February 7, 2011 from 12pm-2pm at the Kankakee Chapel of the Schreffler Funeral Homes.
Edith Palermo, age 87, of Kempton, IL. passed away on Thursday, February 3, 2011 at Iroquois Memorial Hospital in Watseka, IL. She was born on May 5, 1923 in Iroqouois County, IL., the daughter of George and Maryetta Arnold. In her spare time Edith enjoyed sewing, gardening, and especially adored her little dog muffin. Edith is survived by her children; Betty (John) Porter of Mountain Grove, MO., Joyce (Walter) Running of Kankakee, IL., and Linda (Kenneth) Smith of Brookport, IL., her grandchildren; Jamie Sanford, Danny (Corey) Sanford, Ed Running, Wayne Stone, Michelle (Tim) Roth, Linda (Robert) Schade, Ron Thorson, Josh Thorson, and Nick Thorson, her great-grandchldren; Meghan, Mallory, Kyla, Kaden, Daniel, and Ezra, sisters; Dorothy Arnold, Dora Arnold, Mardene Arnold, Velma Blanton, and Lucille Cousins, and a daughter-in-law Akiko Thorson. She was preceded in death by her parents, her sons Jerry and David Thorson, and her grandchildren Wanda and Jeff Stone.
Memorials: In lieu of flowers memorials to the family's wishes would be appreciated.
Cemetery: Kankakee Memorial Gardens (Map)
Location: Kankakee Chapel of the (Map)
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Posted at: 2/5/2011 11:29:11 AM
By: Rich Miller
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Aunt Edith will be missed. Aunt Tevis used to call Mom several times a day. After she passed Edith called Mom a lot and Mom called her too. She, like her sisters, was always sincere in her thanks when I shared copies of old pictures, newspaper clippings and such. I enjoyed her telling stories about the old days. She had a lot of detail to offer, like the lion stories.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SKIP Kentucky Info, 12 Sep 1919 Somerset Newspaper

I purchased reprints of some old newspapers from Mom's birthplace locale. Here is one week sample.  Uncle Tom Arthur left home to come to Illinois and started the move north for the family. I will get more info in February back in Kankakee, For Example: Lina Whitaker married Uncle Tom. Her mother was Rachel. John Arthur was Mom's Grandpa. Logsdon and Burdine are related somehow.

Arthur Obits

Not all are related. Just research info from the Kankakee paper.
ID LastName FirstName MiddleName NickName City State Date of Daily Journal Obit Pg
54892 Arthur Ursula     Bradley IL 6 March 2007 A5
54581 Arthur Richard     Healdsburg CA 30 January 2007 A5
54633 Arthur Edwin     Coal City IL 22 January 2007 A5
54746 Arthur Richard     Beecher IL 21 March 2007 A5
62654 Arthur John A.   Kankakee IL 27 July 1882  
62669 Arthur Ed     Kankakee IL 9 January 1900  
62679 Arthur Edwin M.   Kankakee IL 10 September 1948  
62694 Arthur Emanuel Harrison   Kankakee IL 3 August 1949  
1263 Arthur Hazel LeMaster     Kankakee IL Thursday, April 01, 1987 A5
1265 Arthur Ivan H.     Kankakee IL Friday, July 02, 1987  
1266 Arthur Jacquelyn Jacki     Kankakee IL Friday, December 19, 1991  
1267 Arthur Lee     Bradley IL Monday, November 13, 1988  
1268 Arthur Lee     Bradley IL Tuesday, November 14, 1988  
1269 Arthur Lyle C.     Kankakee IL Monday, August 08, 1976 A5
1270 Arthur Mae     Braceville IL Saturday, October 23, 1981
ID LastName FirstName MiddleName NickName City State Date Pg
1271 Arthur Mary Ellen     Bradley IL Saturday, September 13, 1974  
1272 Arthur Thomas J.     Kankakee IL Friday, January 11, 1973  
1273 Arthur William     Bradley IL Saturday, June 04, 1971  
27802 Arthur Lee     Bradley IL 12 ovember 1988  
28290 Arthur Pearl     Kankakee IL 7 January 1990  
28350 Arthur Herman G.   Kankakee IL 31 August, 1990  
28410 Arthur Jacquelyn     Kankakee IL 16 Dec 1991  
30376 Arthur Maxine E.   Kankakee IL 28 January 2005  
41572 Arthur Catherine J.   Bourbonnais IL 22 March 1997  
41428 Arthur Lina V.   Kankakee IL 18 November 1993  
41736 Arthur Mabel P.   Northbrook IL 11 January, 2000

Arnold Obits from Kankakee newspaper, only a few are related.

54446 Arnold Donald     Van Buren AR 15 May 2007 A5
54542 Arnold Anita     Loda IL 2 May 2007 A5
56409 Arnold Donna     Williford AR 25 September 2007 A5
60765 Arnold Ethel     Watseka IL 17 May 1920 1
60767 Arnold Ethel     Watseka IL 21 May 1920 3
60903 Arnold O. W.     Kankakee IL 5 Feb 1920 1
1138 Arnold Bessie     Carbon Hill IL Wednesday, September 04, 1984  
1139 Arnold Carmel     Kankakee IL Tuesday, June 18, 1973  
1140 Arnold Caroline     Peotone IL Tuesday, October 11, 1976  
1144 Arnold Donna Elizabeth     Kankakee IL Thursday, September 05, 1979  
1145 Arnold Edna M.     Hastings NE Thursday, July 27, 1988  
1146 Arnold Elmer P.     Monee IL Monday, February 06, 1977  
1147 Arnold Floyd W.     Dwight IL Saturday, June 15, 1973  
1148 Arnold Fred     Watseka IL Friday, April 15, 1976 A5
1149 Arnold George B.     Martinton IL Friday, October 18, 1984
ID LastName FirstName MiddleName NickName City State Date of Obit in Paper Pg
1150 Arnold George W.     Carbon Hill IL Tuesday, June 20, 1977  
1151 Arnold Glen     Urbana IL Tuesday, June 22, 1992  
1153 Arnold James     Watseka IL Friday, January 03, 1985  
1155 Arnold Larry     Bradley IL Wednesday, September 12, 1989  
1157 Arnold Martha     Limestone Twp. IL Thursday, April 06, 1988 A5
1158 Arnold Michele R.     LaMoille IL Monday, December 27, 1987  
1159 Arnold Peter     Kankakee IL Friday, June 12, 1997  
1160 Arnold Randalle Joseph     Kankakee IL Tuesday, March 13, 1989  
1161 Arnold Regina     Washington IN Saturday, August 06, 1982  
1162 Arnold Rhoda M.     Onarga IL Saturday, March 10, 1989  
1163 Arnold Ruth C.     Peotone IL Saturday, August 25, 1972 A5
1165 Arnold Viola I.     Kankakee IL Wednesday, February 21, 1989  
1166 Arnold Ruth M.     Chicago IL Monday, April 05, 1992  
27684 Arnold Bert     Kankakee IL 6 March, 1943  
27829 Arnold Donna Elizabeth   Kankakee IL 5 September 1979  
ID LastName FirstName MiddleName NickName City State Date of Obit in Paper Pg
27842 Arnold Regina     Washington IN 6 August 1982  
27991 Arnold Martha     Limestone Twp. IL 3 April 1988  
27992 Arnold Michele R.   LaMoille IL 24 December 1987  
28002 Arnold Olga Ruth   Limestone Twp. IL 23 April 1981  
28306 Arnold Ruth M.   Martinton IL 3 April 1992  
28389 Arnold Alma     Watseka IL 21 May 1993  
28393 Arnold Eleanor     Peotone IL 30 Jul 1993  
30388 Arnold Corine     Momence IL 10 November 2004  
41383 Arnold James Otis   Kankakee IL 22 January 2001  
41559 Arnold Donald R.   Bath ME 16 February 1997  
41576 Arnold Peter     Kankakee IL 11 June 1997  
41618 Arnold Loren W.   Indianapolis IN 24 September 1998  
41624 Arnold Welty     Beech Grove IN 3 December, 1998  
41447 Arnold Sylvia M.   Dillsburg PA 17 November 1993  
41694 Arnold Elizabeth A.   Bourbonnais IL 3 March, 1999  

Rueben Arthur Family

This is Mom's Uncle William Rueben Arthur and Aunt Mary Ellen Arnold Arthur from Herscher then Bradley. Mary was my Grandpa Arnold's sister and Rube was Grandma Arnold's cousin. Their granddaughter, Maritta Keerbs Tolmer, gave me some family info. She is the daughter of Sarah Arthur Keerbs and has the double t in her name like Grandma Marietta Arthur Arnold. So does her sister Violetta.