Monday, November 22, 2010

St Anne Couple Killed 8 nov 1952



  1. try this again. Our grandparents were killed in this crash (Gertie's parents). I remember going to the funeral and this incident was probably the final straw between Gertie and seth. We moved to east st Louis and she put us up in an orphanage. mike pat and rick were sent to relatives, I went to live with Seth at the Alamo hotel until the police picked me up as a runaway or truant or whatever they called them then. Don't know much about seth, I think he was taken in by a woman in Kankakee and we went to live with her for awhile. she lived across the street from a catholic church because I went to school there for one year. Mike has more information on the woman who look in seth when he was a kid. I think she adopted him if I remember correctly. seth had one constant in his life, drinking and it probably killed him.