Monday, November 8, 2010

Arnold Family 1906?

This is my Mother's Father's side.  Far left rear: Aunt Dora Hargis, her husband and baby. Uncle Rube Arthur, Aunt Mary (b: 9 June 1889, d: 12 Sep 1974) and baby Annie. Aunt Susie and baby. Uncle McKinley and George Arnold (my Grandfather). Sitting: Grandpa Nathan Arnold, Grandma Lizzie. Aunt Sarah Owens (b:4 March 1901, d: 28 Oct 1991) and Uncle Ernest "Big Boy" Arnold.

I remember some of these people. Rube lived in Bradley, McKinley was the cop in Mt Vernon (arrested his own daughter for drinking in a dry county, never drove a car) and we visited him in 71.  Sarah lived in Aroma Park, Big Boy had a big hump on his back as an older guy in the 8mm movies, but he still smoked. His wife was an American Indian named Zerelda (same name as Jesse James's wife and Mother) and he died in Dayton Ohio. He was a big man. Very likeable too. Before he and I left the house to go uptown he got his gun,said he never left the house without his pistol in his pocket. Was a miner, a union miner. Fought a lot of union battles with his size and blood.


  1. My name is Darrell Owens. My grandfather was Ernest (Big boy) Arnold. His wife's name was Surilda. He did not have a hump on his back, it was on his shoulder. It looked to be a growth and yes, he was a very big man, and the stories he told me over my child-hood was very interesting and he seemed to be a very mean man but very gentle.

    1. Are you the son of Etta Owens? Did you see the DVD that had a short clip of your grandparents? Hope you enjoy the blog.