Friday, November 12, 2010

First Home of LaVerne and Lucille Miller

Bonfield House 1938

One day Mom and I decided to take a picture of each place my folks had lived. That was July 3, 1987. We drove around taking pictures, talking about the old days, the people, the events and such. This was their first home in 1938, on Main St in Bonfield. It was also the first house ever built in Bonfield. My Dad's cousin, Mike Foltz still lives in Bonfield and his brother Luther's son Herb Foltz lives on the family homestead just east of town. Dad paid $15 dollars a month rent for this house. Dad worked for George Rathman, a neighbor to his Dad (Luther), hauling milk. He loved to drive trucks. It took a big man to drive those trucks back then and he was really big for the time, 6' 2 1/2 "! It took a lot of muscle to turn the steering wheel, change a tire, deal with the snow, mud, and potholes. Dad didn't want to work stuck on the farm, always inside a fence, always another row to plow, and always alone.

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