Thursday, February 28, 2013

Red Foley

He was born near Somerset, KY and raised in Berea and was part owner of the Country-Western Refro Valley Barn Dance near Mt Vernon, KY which is still going today. He was on the WLS Barn Dance for many years.

Dennis Ray Miller and his nephew Damon at Moms 1984?

Douglas in Gown 1983

Mom enjoyed the whole event.

Pool Lesson

I was teaching Devin some pool basics in our basement.

Douglas on the phone with his Mother

Barb was gone on business and missed the event and regrets it to this day.

Graduation Party 1983


Gramma Cuz came for Doug's Graduation 3-June 83


Sunday, February 24, 2013


 Grandpa and Gramma Arnold were killed in an accident near Lincoln, IL 8 Nov 1952. They were on a trip to see Aunt Gertie and her family near St Louis when a pickup truck collided with them. Dora, Dorothy, Mardene and Vickie were injured and spent as long as 9 months in the hospital (Dora). Not long before the trip he had a tooth pulled and it's been in his coin purse that I've had for decades. They had sold their furniture and were preparing to move back to Somerset, Kentucky where they had been raised, met, married, and had five kids before moving to a farm in Milkes Grove Township, Iroquois County, IL in the 1920's. My wife's family lived on a farm just about two miles east in the 1950's. Uncle Welty lived on a nearby farm in this same time period. Uncle Sherwoods family farmed about 4 or 5 miles NW. And the story goes on. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Welty and The Cumberland Ridge Runners

 Uncle Welty Arnold, his cousins Herman and Lee Arthur with Glenn Gillett on the fiddle played as the Cumberland Ridge Runners around Herscher and Pontiac IL in the 1930s. Francis Krum was also a member. Glenn was related to Doug Wilkins. The Arthurs and Arnolds were originally from the Cumberland Gap area near London, KY. Red Foley was in a band with the same name at that time period. He was from nearby Berea KY and his band became the house band for the National Barn Dance on WLS Radio in Chicago.

Mom loved to tell the stories of her past. We drove out to the Tom Martin place near Bonfield one day and sat in the car while she spoke about such things as when her brother Welty would play his guitar and sing while Edith, Gertie, Berle and Mom trailed him down the long, long lane to the mailbox every day, now 80 years ago. I took pictures that day but wished it had been a video!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mike Foltz and Adele Foltz Howard

 The 2 youngest Foltz kids, Dad's cousins. They grew up across the road and south 1/2 mile from the Taylor farm where Mom's family lived for part of the 1930's and 40's. They attended the one-room school with Mom's younger siblings. I found out today they both recently moved to nursing homes because of failing health.