Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cemetery, Near Somerset, Kentucky 2003


Even Devin said this was a very good picture. It is very special to me. The light, depth, color, and all shows this as a road up to the afterlife. Mom's family, the Arthur side, is buried here. When my Grandparents were killed in a 1952 car-truck crash Uncle Tom Arthur brought them home to this place. He was the first of the Arthur's to go to Kankakee (12 Sep 1919,made the local newpaper and I have a copy) and he was the one that always brought his generation home to this place. Grandpa Arnold said he wanted to be buried here because it was high and dry and he didn't want to lay in water for eternity. Grandma wanted to be buried next to her Dad and she was. Memorial day brings the family from the hills and from afar. They pay respects to their family, sing gospel music, and eat a fine dinner. You learn a lot about your family and meet new people every year. And miss a few. My great-great grandparents are here. I met Rothel Arthur in 2003 at his Dad's tombstone. His parents (Mom's uncle Bert) and all of their deceased children/grandchildren lay grouped together. Rothel showed me where he was to lay. He was a Tanker and then POW in the war; Normandy Beach, Belgium, France, and then captured near Paris. He was marched towards Berlin along with a large group. When the Germans knew the Russians were very close they dropped their guns and ran. Rothel said the Germans had treated him better than the Russians! He walked to Russia. He came home and lived in a house on this very hill for many years. I brought him a video in 2004 of the 8mm movies Mom had made back in the 1970's of the Memorial Day meetings here. His Dad and many others  long gone were in it. He watched them as he lay smoking and dying; lung cancer. I also took a tape to his little sister, Loventia Fern Arthur, as she was also dying from lung cancer. A lot of smokers in tobacco country. At one time. They both died in a few weeks. For some reason his wife buried him in her family's cemetery ignoring his lifelong wish. She died this year and is buried next to him.

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  1. thanks for this, Uncle Tom taking them to the cemetery sounds like something he would do. Wonderful guy, probably saved my life more than once.