Monday, June 25, 2012

Descendants of James Arnold

Descendants of James Arnold  Many family members can be found on this site. Thanks to Mr Renner in KY.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Arnold Cousins

Mom's uncle Ernst Arnold raised five daughters, Viola (1932), Jean (1935), Tondaleigho (1946), Etta (1929), and Cleo (1925) sitting. There were two sons Charles (1936-1990?) and Ernst Jr (died at the age of two). This picture was taken in 2004 I think.  Cleo was born in Herscher as her folks had moved up here with Rube and Mary Arnold Arthur for work. Others were born in KY. Cleo's baby was raised as a daughter (Tondaleigho).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sisters Dorothy, Dora, Mardene, Lucille and niece/daughter Marilyn Rose

Celebrating Marilyn Rose's 70th birthday.

Adeline is hungry

Rosalie Miller

 Devin's oldest child.

Marilyn Rose, Mom, Rich, Rich Sr in back.

Isabel and her Uncle Rich

 Ready to box.

Adeline and her Uncle Rich

Barb and Isabel

 Barbara and her grandaughter Issy.

Marilyn Rose and her Mommie

 70 and 91 years young celebrating together.

Marilyn Rose and Richard Wayne

 Sooooo happy to share this day together!

Adeline and Gramma Barb


 Baby Adeline Miller meets her Great-Gramma Cousin

Party Pics

 Rich Sr, Baby Adeline, Sherrie, Lucille

Five Generations

 We had a surprise party for Marilyn Rose's 70th Birthday 16 June 2012 at the Elks in Watseka.  Mom had a great time the whole afternoon! Scot Walwer on the left, Butch Walwer on the right. Each daughter stands in front of them holding their baby. Marilyn Rose center rear and Mom in the front. Thanks to Devin for these party pics.