Thursday, November 18, 2010

368 Today

368 Tanner Vinyl

What a difference the siding made. It seems expensive but when I think of all of the times this house was painted over the years I know it is cheaper to side it. I haven't been in the house since Mom sold it and sometimes I see an old picture of the stairway or something I wonder what it looks like today. There never was a garage that we knew of but the house is really old and may of had a shed at one time. It was just a few years ago that the neighbor to the north put up a fence. We were all surprised to see where the property line ran- five feet south of where everyone thought it was. George Beaudoin had a farm house across the street and when the area was plotted to be subdivided (1920's) they told him his house was on his neighbor's property so he had to buy five foot off of them. That line is the one we had always followed too. LESSON LEARNED: Have the property you are to purchase surveyed. They also told him that the address for his house 369 was incorrect and for a fee it could be corrected. He said he didn't make the error and he wasn't paying to have it corrected so the neighbor to the north has an address of 371 and always has been because George wouldn't pay.

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