Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Babe Foltz, Sylvia Sass, Bill Miller Dec 1959

The picture was taken at Adel's house. Babe sent it to me this week along with a Thank You card he sent in response to me sending him a 1947 Herscher High School Annual that I recently obtained (his graduation year).

Monday, January 30, 2012

Surilda Arnold 1973

I will add info as I get it.

Ernest and Surilda Arnold 1973

Grandpa's brother looked just like him and was also a big man (6'4") whose nickname was "Big Boy," and that's all I ever heard Mom call him. Mom went to Harlan County KY in 1973 to see him and took some Polaroid pictures. I found 2 today and will send them to their daughter Etta. Surilda was a full blooded American Indian. They lived in Dayton, Ohio in the early 1980's.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pearle Peterson

Pearle is Mom's best friend and has been for years. She is also Dad's cousin. We always attended and enjoyed her birthday parties. This date (22 Jan 2012) was her 96th. Mom wasn't up to going.

Mike Foltz

Mike is Dad's cousin and he attended another cousin's (Pearle Peterson) 96th birthday party 22 Jan 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Herscher annual 1947

Mike and Adel Foltz are pictured here. I made a copy of this for Aunt Dorothy Arnold as she knew these kids from their time at the one-room school (Dunn) they attended together near Bonfield.

Herscher annual 1948

 I am giving this book to Mike Foltz next Sunday at Pearle Petersen's birthday party in Kankakee. These are pictures of the underclassmen. I made a copy for Aunt Dora as she went to the one-room school (Dunn) with these kids.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

City Jail Lineup Board

This was removed from the wall of the Kankakee city jail a few years ago when they renovated it. I bought it from a friend who was at the auction of the stuff from the jail. It now hangs in my garage between a picture of South Schuyler Ave at night from the 1920's and an original American Weekly newspaper from 1939 titled "Bonfield ILL, Sinless Town." I was never pictured in front of this board because I was never in the jail and proud of it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Herscher High School Annuals 1945-6-7-8


We moved away from the Kankakee area in 1975, but we would always return for vacations and such. When I was back in the area Mom and I enjoyed going to antique stores, auctions, moving/garage sales and more. I bought a lot of stuff from the store that used to be Carson’s in downtown Kankakee. It had rented spaces with junk, treasures and oddities. I bought dozens of high school annuals there and today have quite a collection. Since that time the store has been torn down and it is a now a parking lot.

There is a retired guy in Bourbonnais who goes to all of the auctions, sales, etc. in the area and holds some stuff he finds back for me for when I get back there. He will call to alert me to the type of items that are to be sold and we discuss interest, projected costs, condition, etc. He marks up his price for a profit and I’m happy to pay it. When they tore down the old city hall/jail I bought the wooden “police line-up” height chart that had hung on the wall. Proud to say I never had my picture taken there! It now hangs in my garage in between a street scene of South Schuyler Avenue from the 1920’s and a full page story from the 1939 American Weekly paper with the story “Sinless Town, Bonfield, IL.” A few years ago I found some St Anne annuals that were from the days when Aunt Dora was a high school student there. I gave them to her and she really enjoyed them.

I also buy Kankakee area historical publications. Jim Ridings lives in the big “Mr. Herscher” home and publishes books. He compiled pictures and information from “100 years of Herscher High School” and published a book that can be purchased at the Herscher Museum and through him or at the little book store at 660 north 5th ave. I bought a few old annuals
from Jim and also purchased all of the books he has published on the west end of Kankakee County. I recommend his books to all who have roots in the area. He has sent his latest book “Wild Kankakee” off to the publisher. I almost asked Jim if Dad and Buck had a chapter on them included. In his book on HHS Buck wasn’t listed as a WWII vet and I will talk to Jim about that. After all, Buck landed at Normandy Beach and marched all of the way to Berlin I believe. I have a Kankakee Daily Journal from VE Day 1945 that has a picture of all of the area vets and Buck’s picture is next to Adolph Hitler’s!

I recently acquired HHS annuals from 1945-6-7-8. I remember Adel once told me they never had annuals as students so I’m giving Luther’s kids the 1945 edition, Adel the 1946, Babe his senior year of 1947 and Mike the 1948 edition. There are many connections between the Foltz and Arnold families portrayed in these four issues.  Their mother, Charlotte Foltz, was my Grandpa Miller’s sister. Grandpa Arnold lived near Bonfield just a half mile from the Foltz place. They each had ten kids and the younger ones attended the one-room schoolhouse (Dunn School) together. Mom’s cousin Sarah Keerbs’ daughter Violetta is listed along with her cousin Gerald. Sarah raised Donald Patrick McVey, one of Mom’s sister Gertie’s boys. Duane Boyd’s mother was another relative of Mom’s. Mildred Thorson was Sherwood’s sister and a good friend of Aunt Dorothy’s. He married Mom’s sister Edith.  

Notes from Herscher High School Annuals are provided here to share the information. I put a lot of pictures and stories on Mom’s blog so check it out.

 All of the books were owned by Bill Block who worked at Kankakee Ropers for many decades in the Assembly Department. When I worked there (1963-68) he was an Inspector on the line (first shift) and I was Group Leader of the Inspectors on the second shift. Paul Lovell, listed as Senior in 1947 (may have been the father of Francis Lovell as he is the spitting image of Paul). Fran was also an inspector with us. He went to Olivet in the daytime along with my wife Barbara. He later became the pastor of the Congregational Church in Clifton which we attended for a few years. He became a hearing aide salesman in Kankakee and passed away many years ago.

In 1945 Herbert Luther Foltz was a Senior and had been in the Operetta as a Freshman. He was in Track as a Junior and Senior. His “Senior Aspiration” was to be an Agricultural Specialist. His nickname was “Herby.” His pet peeve was ”Teasing” and his pet expression was recorded as ”Dumbsuckers.” His prophecy was to be the advertising manager for James Scanlon’s nail file factory. He was listed as second in the Senior Class Play as Norman Porter in “Don’t Take my Penny.” Gil Dittus was a junior and worked at Ropers on the second shift with us and he farmed in the daytime not far from the Keerb’s place.  Clarence “Babe” Foltz was a Sophomore. Bill Block was President of the freshman class. Luther was pictured on both the Track and Football Teams. Cloice was listed as one of the Alumni SERVING OUR COUNTRY, Buck wasn’t.  Babe added his autograph in the back of the book. There are about 160 pages.

In 1946 Babe was a Junior. Adel was a Freshman. Babe was in the Junior Play as a football player in the play ”Ever Since Eve.” Adel was in FHA. Babe was in FFA. Babe was on the Football and Track Teams.

In 1947 Babe was a Senior. He was listed as being in the Junior play, FFA in 3rd year, Chorus, 1-2-4, Operetta 1-2-3, Intramural sports 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2-3-4, Football 3, Football Manager 4, Senior Play 4. He is quoted as saying, ”Work fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.” Mildred Thorson was a Senior. She was listed as being in the Operetta in year 4. FHA 3-4, Chorus 1-4, Librarian 3-4, Annual Staff 4. Her quote was “I slept and dreamed that life was Beauty; I woke and found that life was duty.”   Duane Boyd, Violetta Keerbs and Marion (Mike) Foltz are pictured as Freshmen. Adel is pictured as a Sophomore. Violetta Keerbs is pictured in Girl’s Chorus. Marion and Babe are pictured in the Senior Class play. Violetta, Babe and Mildred Thorson are pictured in the cast of the Operetta. Senior Play “Are You Dr. Butterworth?” presented April 25, 1947. Marion was the Telegraph Boy and Babe was a Hotel Guest.  Adel was pictured in GAA. Mildred Thorson was on the Annual Staff. Babe played Joe Williams of the telephone company in the one act play, “Tiger’s Claw.” Mildred Thorson, Violetta and Adel were pictured in the FHA. Duane Boyd and Marion were pictured in the FFA. Duane Boyd and Babe were pictured on the Football Squad. Marion and Babe were pictured on the Track Team. Babe was listed as a miler on the Track Team.  

In 1948 Gerald Keerbs was a Freshman. Duane Boyd, Violetta Keerbs and Marion were listed as Sophomores. Adel was a Junior. Gerald Keerbs and Duane Boyd were pictured in FFA. Violetta and Adel were pictured in FHA. Violetta was in the Operetta. Duane Boyd was pictured on the Football Squad. Marion was pictured on the Basketball Team, second squad. I have a copy of the HHS 1947 Commencement Program. Mom was so very happy to hear the books were sent yesterday to Adel and Babe. I will drop the others off to Bonfield on my next trip back.