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Arnold Brothers Family Files

 Mom's Dad, George Arnold, had two brothers that married sisters. Click on the highlighted name and explore these files.
372. Alpha Sebastian was born in May 1895 in Breathitt Co, KY and died in Apr 1927 in Rockcastle Co, KY at age 31.
Alpha married McKinley Arnold on 11 Nov 1916. McKinley was born in 1896 and died on 23 Jul 1982 in Rockcastle Co, KY at age 86.
Children from this marriage were:
739 F i. Minnie Arnold .
Minnie married Carl Bradley.
740 F ii. Winnie Arnold .
741 F iii. Thelma Arnold .
742 F iv. Garnetta Arnold .
743 M v. J W Arnold .
375. Surilda Sebastian was born in 1901 in Breathitt Co, KY.
Surilda married Ernest Arnold on 19 Apr 1924 in Rockcastle Co, KY.
Children from this marriage were:
751 F i. Cleo Arnold .
752 F ii. Elta Elizabeth Arnold .
753 F iii. Viola Arnold .
754 F iv. Jean Arnold .
755 M v. Charles Arnold .
101. Malinda Sebastian was born on 1 May 1862 and died on 24 Jun 1922 at age 60.
Malinda married Elisha Turner, son of Wiley Turner and Susan Sebastian. Elisha was born on 20 May 1860 in Breathitt Co, KY and died on 24 Feb 1940 at age 79.
Noted events in his life were:
• Alt. Birth: 20 May 1860.
Children from this marriage were:
+ 358 F i. Sarah Belle Turner was born on 25 Mar 1883 and died on 24 Apr 1922 at age 39.
+ 359 M ii. Shelby Turner was born on 14 Mar 1885 and died on 5 Oct 1965 at age 80.
+ 360 F iii. Susan Turner was born on 25 Dec 1887, died on 20 Jan 1960 at age 72, and was buried in Sandlin-McIntosh Cemetery, Owsley Co, KY.
+ 361 F iv. Eleanor Turner was born on 17 Jun 1890 in Turkey Creek, Breathitt Co, KY and died on 15 May 1978 at age 87.
362 F v. Martha Turner was born about 1896.
Martha married Estill McIntosh. Estill was born on 27 Apr 1903.
363 F vi. America Turner was born about 1905.
America married Alexander Sebastian, son of Hiram Sebastian and Charity McIntosh, on 29 Oct 1926 in Breathitt Co, KY. Alexander was born on 14 Mar 1902 and died in 1973 at age 71.
102. John Sebastian was born on 22 Jun 1865 and died on 19 Aug 1934 at age 69.
John married Elizabeth Raleigh, daughter of Joseph Raleigh and Jane 'Jennie' Turner. Elizabeth was born on 1 Apr 1870, died on 5 Mar 1950 in Arnett, Owsley Co, KY at age 79, and was buried on 6 Mar 1950 in Squire Turner Cemetery on Turkey Creek, Breathitt Co, Ky.
Children from this marriage were:
+ 364 M i. Joseph Sebastian was born on 28 Jan 1885 and died on 25 Mar 1964 at age 79.
+ 365 F ii. Tymanda Sebastian was born about 1891.
+ 366 M iii. Edward Sebastian was born in 1893.
+ 367 F iv. Polly Ann Sebastian was born on 5 Mar 1896 and died on 12 Jan 1993 at age 96.
+ 368 M v. Granville Sebastian was born in Jun 1899 in Breathitt County, KY and died on 29 Jun 1929 in Breathitt County, KY at age 30.
+ 369 F vi. Hester Sebastian was born on 10 Jan 1901 in Breathitt Co, KY and died on 4 May 1999 at age 98.
104. William Sebastian was born on 20 May 1870 in Breathitt Co, KY and died on 21 Feb 1942 in Laurel Co, KY at age 71.
Noted events in his life were:
• Census: census shows married 19 years. 11 children. 11 living., 1910.
William married Mary 'Polly' Turner, daughter of Shadrack Turner and Telitha Baker. Mary was born in Mar 1870 in Breathitt Co, KY and died on 13 Jan 1931 in Laurel Co, KY at age 60. Another name for Mary was Mary Polly Turner.
Children from this marriage were:
+ 370 F i. Leannah Sebastian was born in Mar 1892 in Breathitt Co, KY and died in 1980 in SC at age 88.
+ 371 M ii. Robert 'Robin' Sebastian was born in May 1893 in Breathitt Co, KY and died in Mar 1968 in Cincinnati, OH at age 74.
+ 372 F iii. Alpha Sebastian was born in May 1895 in Breathitt Co, KY and died in Apr 1927 in Rockcastle Co, KY at age 31.
+ 373 F iv. Sarah Ellen Sebastian was born on 17 Mar 1897 in Breathitt Co, KY and died in 1982 in Rockcastle Co, KY at age 85.
+ 374 F v. Alabama Sebastian was born on 28 Feb 1899 in Breathitt Co, KY.
+ 375 F vi. Surilda Sebastian was born in 1901 in Breathitt Co, KY.
+ 376 M vii. Henry Sebastian was born in 1903 in Laurel Co, KY.
377 F viii. Tabitha Sebastian was born in 1905 in Laurel Co, KY and died in 1913 in Owsley Co, KY at age 8.
+ 378 F ix. Alice Sebastian was born about 1906.
379 F x. Rachel Sebastian was born in 1909 in Laurel Co, KY and died in 1914 in Owsley Co, KY at age 5.
+ 380 M xi. Calloway Sebastian 1 was born in 1911 in Laurel Co, KY and died on 31 Dec 1979 in Owsley Co, KY at age 68.
+ 381 M xii. Lincoln Sebastian was born in 1913 in Owsley Co, KY and died in 1970 at age 57.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Arnold and Foltz family connections

I added this note to the cards that I sent out to the Foltz family this year and thought I would share it here.

I’m sending out Mom’s Christmas cards this year and wanted to add a special note to the Foltz family. We are connected by birth (Lottie Foltz and my grandpa Luther Miller were children of Louis Miller along with Herb who was one of my all-time favorite people), by location (neighbors in Limestone Township), and by choice (have remained friends with each other over the many years). My  grandparents, George and Etta Arnold, lived just north of the Foltz place in the 1930’s-40’s on the Taylor place that Luther Foltz purchased years later. My other grandparents lived a few miles SE from there. Adel told me that sometimes the Foltz kids would stop by and join with the younger Arnold girls and go on to their one room schoolhouse, the Dunn School. Luther was teased by his classmates about his first name, Herbert. They would chant things about Herbert Hoover at him so he went to his mother about it. From then on he went by his middle name and the name of one of his uncle’s, Luther. She told the schoolmarm and it was done. This was in the early 1930’s before the Arnolds moved there. Mom met and later married Dad who was named after both of his grandfather’s, LaVerne Henry (Nacke) Louis Miller. Welty married Martha Howard who lived across the road from the Foltz family and was a cousin to Ray Howard, Adele’s husband. Buck worked for Grampa Miller as a hired man for a while. He told me he didn’t like it when after a big lunch the Millers would take a nap, but he had to go to work. Dad had big cars even back then. He would speed through Bonfield on his way to pick Mom up and again to take her home. One night the local cops set up a two-car roadblock waiting for him just south of the intersection where they later built the school. He drove down into the ditch on the east side of the road to go around them, through town, past the Foltz place, dropped Mom off at home and then sped east to go home with the cops in pursuit. As he drove up the very long lane to his house his Dad heard the roaring cars and went outside with his shotgun to see what was going on. Dad told him and Grampa fired a few rounds into the sky and the cops turned around and left. Mom and Dad married in August 1938 and their first home was in Bonfield.  It is the oldest house in town, not far from Mike Foltz’s home.  They paid $15 a month rent. They later moved to a Henry Kleen farm NE of Bonfield and farmed it and he worked hauling milk.  During WW2 Dad went up to Chicago to pick up Buck. Kankakee was a wide open town then and they went out for a good time there when they got back.  Buck was on leave from the army and wasn’t making much money, and he later told me that Dad had spent over $300 that night (I assume some of it was gambling losses). I can remember going out to the Foltz’s for get togethers and cookouts as a youngster. I also remember working there picking up rocks from the field just east of the house.  After graduation Luther went to work on the railroad and stayed at our house in West Kankakee and would go home on his days off. He met our neighbor, Loraine Guiney, and I believe they dated for a while. Adel and her husband Raymond Howard lived in West Kankakee (607 Small), Arvella and her first husband lived nearby at 368 S Foley then later she lived alone at 476 S Cannon, we lived at 368 Tanner Ave (1943-83). Buck was over once and gave me a pinch of snuff when I was just a kid and I got sick and have NEVER had it since. We went to Kankakee High School with Sonny, Charlene, Loretta and the others. Dad was Democratic  Committeeman in the early 1960’s for West Kankakee and worked with Melvin trying to get him city contracts. My folks introduced Buck to Arvella. The four of them went out together, played cards and such. The last time I talked with my Dad was in Buck’s front yard just two days before he was killed.  Buck’s grandson married my sister Phyllis’ granddaughter. Kendra was just two when she learned a few cuss words from us Miller boys. Mom and I always enjoyed seeing the Foltz’s at family lunches, stores and sometimes at wakes. Mom was so happy to see them at her birthday parties and was always thrilled to be invited to the Foltz lunches even though she had divorced Dad!  Mom always enjoyed riding around.  We have probably been on every road in Kankakee and Iroquois counties. We usually started near Bonfield. She would tell me stories from the past.  Once we drove to every place they had ever lived, took pictures and wrote down notes. Hope you and your family have a great Holiday Season!

Richard Miller

980 Willow Drive

Geneseo, IL 61254

Sunday, December 11, 2011

McKinly Arnold's daughters

Winnie, Garnetta, and Thelma were the girls and Bently and McKinly Jr were the boys. McKinly was married twice and I believe he arrested one of his girls for drinking. It was a dry county and he wouldn't let anyone drink. He told his brothers Ernst and George (my Grandpa) he would arrest them if they drank there and that left some bad feelings.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grandpa's brother Ernst's wife and some children, 1946?

Pictured from back row left: Serilda (Mrs Ernst Arnold), Jean (daughter), Marietta Arnold (my grandmother), Velma (my aunt), Charles Lee Arnold (son and the baby of the family), Etta (daughter), Tondeleo (raised by the family), Dorothy with Mardene on her lap (my aunts). Picture taken by Viola (daughter). Mardene was born 8 Aug 1943 so I would guess this picture is from 1946.
Serilda was born as an American Indian Princess, Tondelayo was a name from a movie named "White Cargo" first released as a British silent movie in March 1930, a few months later sound was added.  Hedy Lamar had the role in the 1942 release. I also found a claim that Tondelayo is a Cherokee word for "priceless, as in a jewel." More info to come. Etta is helping me on my research.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Going to Oklahoma

More than a century ago some of the Arthurs left Somerset Kentucky for Oklahoma. This picture is from Somerset and that time period but I don't know if it is Arthurs. Do you?

Pearl Harbor Day

                            Welty, Grandpa, Dad, Sherwood Thorson
On this date 70  years ago my parents did what they usually did on a Sunday, they went to spend time with my grandparents.  Sometimes it was to the Millers where everyone but Mom spoke German. Sometimes it was to the Arnolds which was an open-door gathering house near Bonfield for their nine kids and many grandkids. Uncle Welty, Uncle Sherwood and Dad discussed the attack and wondered if the three of them would be drafted soon. Grandpa told them since they were all farming they would be deferred as in some other wars. He was right as they were never drafted. Dad developed a hernia and that kept him out of the army. After a trip to the ER about 1954 he had surgery for it.