Monday, September 16, 2013

Mom 15 Sep 2013

She was having a good day.

Gramma Cuzz Sep 15 2013

Mom was sharp witted and strong this morning. We talked about her new cards and letters, new babies in the family and such. She likes to keep up with things. I can't remember ever seeing her without her false teeth but now she is dressed each morning for her comfort and choice not mine.

Geneseo Millers Card

They took the time to make her a card. She said "Now isn't that nice!"  She loved it!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT TEVIS! Yesterday was Aunt Tevis' 79th birthday. Mom misses her every singe day. I was back to visit Mom yesterday and stopped in to see Uncle George to give him a billfold but he was out. I have what Aunt Dora and I believe to be a billfold full of play money that had belonged to Tevis in the 1940's. I also had a used 1951 St Anne Bank checkbook that I had thought was Grandpa's but while looking through it Aunts Dora and Dorothy said it was Aunt Velma's. Cousin Vickie will give it to her.

Picture is From left; Tevis, Dora, Velma.