Sunday, November 14, 2010

Second House for the Millers, 1939

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Henry Kleen Farmhouse 2006

  They lived here in when Phyllis was born in July 1939  Dad worked the 80 acres and hauled milk for Mr Rathman. The farm was a few miles or so from Grandpa Millers farms and the farm where Grandpa Arnold lived. Henry Kleen and family have been friends of the Millers for more than  a century. He lived on a farm next to George Miller, my great uncle (father of the "short" Millers), on the Kankakee River. Henry's daughter Wilda still lives in the area and I meet her at family wakes, parties, and that sort of thing. She and Bill were the same age and he went to school with her for a while when he lived on the Miller farm to help out with an ill Gramma Miller. He was with her when she died. When he tried to call someone for help, the neighbor was on the party line and wouldn't give it up. Wilda was at Mom's 85th birthday party and also the 90th. Her family is buried across  the lane from Great Grandpa Miller's family in the Limestone cemetery.

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