Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Neighbors Are Not Forgotten

Names of our neighbors who  gave  dontations when Grandpa & Grandma Arnold were killed 8 Nov 1952. From a note written by Mom and saved all of these years. We were living at 368 Tanner Avenue

All are Mr & Mrs…
Fenton Bourgeois         354  Tanner Next door to the north( Dora & Dorothy lived here in the 1970's, Edith in 1964 ,  and Marsha did too)
Lester Crevier                 382 Next door to the south
John Scanlon                    392 Two doors to the south
Wilbert Rice                      393 Across the street on the corner  (She is still living there. He passed away 2010)
George Beaudoin            369 Across the street  ( Son Kenny passed 2010)
Joe Gallager                        371 Across the street, north of Beaudoin's
Leo Scroggins                      345  North of Gallagers ( Son Billy lives there now)
Tom Murgach                       1820 W Station
Bernard Coda                        1812 W Station
William Olson                       1770 W Sation
Gerald Rigney                      
Floyd Thorn                             420 Yates  (Daughter Phyllis Masse was at Mom's 90th party)
A.G. Wilson                              1786 W Station
Harold Gierke                         345 1/2 Tanner
William Davison                     542 Roosevelt     (Doris Bourgeois' Father)

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