Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mike Foltz and Herbie Foltz

Mike is my Dad's Aunt Lottie's son and Herbie is his nephew, son of Luther "Herbert" Foltz. He lives on the Foltz farm across the road from what was the Howard place. Martha Howard married Mom's brother Welty. Adele Foltz, Mike's sister, married Junior Howard.  Grandpa and Grandma Arnold lived a mile north of Foltz's on the Taylor farm for some years. Both the younger Arnolds and Foltz's attended school at the Taylor school which was across the road  and west of the farmhouse.The school was moved to the grounds of the Governor Small Memorial Park in West Kankakee. Farmer Taylor's daughter was one of my teachers at West Jr High School, located about two blocks east of the where the Taylor school is located. They came from Bonfield, IL.
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