Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mike Foltz and Lucille

Mike is Dad's Aunt Lottie's son,younger brother to Buck. His given name is Marion. He retired from Cat in Joliet. His beautiful, slim and trim first wife was named Jenny. He lives in Bonfield and has lived near there for most of his life. The first house Mom & Dad lived in was in Bonfield. In fact it is the oldest house in the town. Before they were married (1938), the Arnolds were living near Bonfield on the Taylor Farm just a half-mile north of the Foltz farm and Dad would bring her home after a date and he was a fast driver even in those days. One night the local cops blocked the road south of town expecting him to roar through soon. Dad swerved to the right, going into the ditch and around the blockade. He took her home and then went the short distance to his home. His father asked him what was going on and Dad told him. About that time the cops came up the long lane. Grandpa Miller had his shotgun and fired a few rounds into air and the cops left. Mom has always been a great story teller and passed this one to me at the location of the roadblock one summer day. She and I cruised the roads of Kankakee and Iroquois Counties many, many times over the years discussing such things. 

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