Sunday, October 10, 2010

Christine Arthur Wood

Christine came from Kentucky and was one of the first ones to arrive at the party. Her daughter is camera shy. Christine resides on the farm of her grandfather, John Ambrose Arthur born  2-29-1872 d: 10-16-1951 and Nancy Ellen Woodall Arthur. Note his birthdate-a leap-year baby! AND his daughter Lola was also a leap-year baby born 1912, his 40th birthday,what do you suppose the odds for that happening must be? And there are several in the Arthur bunch with that birthdate today. Her parents were Lincoln Arthur b 2-10-1909 d 2-15-1989 and Ellen Baker Arthur 5-25-1907 d 10-30-19997.She is the hostess for a Arthur cousins picnic the second Sunday of September, all of her first cousins and their families are invited to attend. I will post more info on it later.

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