Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grandma and Arnolds/Arthurs

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Dale,Vickie Arnold Sain, Randy Arnold
Dora Arnold,  Violetta Arthur Donovon, Maritta Arthur Tolmer, Christine Arthur Woods, Velma Arnold Blanton,
Mardene Gail Arnold, Grandma, Edith Arnold Palmero,
Dale is Uncle Welty's and Aunt Martha Howard's last son, as Donnie, Loren, and Larry have passed on. This was the musical branch of the Illinois bunch.
Violetta and Maritta are sisters and are the grandchildren of Ruben Arthur and Mary Arnold. Notice the double "tt" like Mom's Mother, Marietta.
Christine Arthur Woods is Mom's first cousin and resides on her Grandparent's farm(John "Paw" Arthur, born 1872,and Nancy Ellen Woodall ( she was called both Maw and Nan, Nan is on her tombstone)  near Somerset, KY. The original house was a log cabin, later expanded using the cabin as the kitchen.  Still later is was used as crib for ear corn and was still standing in 1971 when Mom and I visited with Great-Aunt Lola Arthur Reynolds and her brother Lincoln, Christine's Father. His wife was Ellen Baker who always wore a bonnet when she was outside. The house is across the road from the Adkins-Arthur cemetery where most of the Arthurs are buried. Christine is the hostess of a yearly family gathering  in September. I will post more info on this cousin picnic later on. Velma Arnold Blanton is in the yellow blouse. Her husband was Glenn Blanton.
Mardene was born 8 August 1943, just three days before me. Mom is in the middle. Edith Arnold Palermo. Velma, Edith, Dora, and  Mardene are Mom's sisters.

Dale came from Bourbonnais, IL, Vickie from Aroma Park, IL, Randy came from Denver, Colorado, Dora from Watseka,IL, Violetta & Maritta from Herscher, IL,  Christine from Somerset, KY, Velma from Crete, IL,  Mardene from Watseka, IL, MOM, and Edith from Kempton, IL.

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