Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dale Arnold and Lucille

Dale is Uncle Welty Arnolds surviving son. He came from Bourbonnais, IL. Others were Loren, Donnie and Larry. They were living in Milkes Grove Township south of Herscher on a farm in the 1950's only a mile west from where my wifes' family(Akers) lived and they rode on the same school bus. The Pearle Porter family lived on a farm another mile west. This is the same farm that my grandparents first lived on when they moved to Illinois in the early 1920's. The Porters were the ones that owned a lion that lived inside of their house built to accomadate it. The Porters, the lion, and other animals are buried in a beautiful cemetery east of where the old big house was. Edith knew a lot about the Porters and knew the son quite well from the local cafe. Pearle owned half of the section (320 acres) and her brother Maury Wadleigh the other half. He was a rich well known businessman/politician. He didn't have any kids so his nephew, a retired Army Colonel, inherited it all. I knew him as he was the former Comander of Rock Island Arsenal, the installation where Barb and I worked for about ten years. I was at a retirement party when he told me about getting the farm and we were both surprised about the small-world story.

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