Sunday, June 8, 2014

Adkins -Arthur Cemetery

ADKINS-ARTHUR CEMETERY. Mom loved to return to Kentucky every year. Her parents, Mary Etta Arthur and George Arnold, are buried next to her grandparents, Nancy and John Arthur, in the Adkins-Arthur Cemetery, just across the road from his home place. Mom said that her Mother had always wanted to lay by her folks and her Father wanted to be buried there too because it was on a hill and he didn't want to lie in water for eternity. Usually some of her sisters would attend Decorat...ion Day get-togethers and Mom would sometimes join them or go with some of us kids. It is held on a different day than our Memorial Day. I have 8mm movies from the 60's and 70's of some of her trips there. The maintenance of the cemetery is supported by donations. Aunt Tevis and Aunt Edith would always raise a little money from the Arnold Family to donate something every year. Mom faithfully donated every year and I did it for her in her later years. Fact is I had sent a check down just last week. Aunt Dorothy said this year is the first year that at least one of the Arnold sisters didn't make it there. Mom passed away on Decoration Day, 1 June 2014. In lieu of flowers we asked that donations be provided to the ARC of Iroquois County (that is where Aunt Mardene lives). The cash money donated to the "To be used according to the wishes of the family." was $190 and it will go to the cemetery maintenance fund.


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