Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day


 She was born the second child of ten 13 Oct 1920, and being the oldest girl meant a lot of work as a kid. She married Dad 4 Aug 38 at 18 and lived on a farm and that too was hard work. Babies that came 19 July 39, 11 Sep 40, 6 Mar 42, 11 Aug 43, 15 Nov 44, and 4 Sep 50 meant non-stop work. She has always been a great Mom, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and Great-Great Grandmother. Putting others first was her trademark. Her hearing has been failing for some time. Her eyesight is gone in one eye and impaired in the other. Her legs gave out and she can no longer walk. Some days she has a very hard time to communicate. Last Thursday Marilyn Rose and I were there and Mom was cracking jokes and laughing and enjoying her day, as we did! We reread her cards and letters to her and returned calls from those who had called her.  Mom has always said she would live to be a hundred and we encouraged that belief. It was really rough for her to bury Bill but she did what had to be done and went on. A few years ago I had a blood clot in my brain that gave me a series of strokes and she worried that she would see yet another son die. With help from another Great Mother, my wife, I pulled through. Then Marilyn Rose's COPD almost killed her. And now Mom is in Hospice Care. Don't write her off, share your time with her. Send her a card or a letter, or call her and if she's having a bad day and can't communicate then call her another day. She never wrote any of us off.

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