Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nacke-Miller Family Picture

From left: Grandpa Luther Miller, Art Kuhnau, Aunt Gladys Miller (looks like Marsha), Minnie Nacke Kuhnau (sister to my Grandmother), Henry Nacke Jr (looks just like Dad when he was young), Ida Nacke (another sister). Sitting: Grandma Anna Nacke Miller, Lavern Henry Louis Miller (Dad), Great Grandma Sophia Richter Nacke, Great Grandpa Henry Nacke Sr, Aunt Nelda Miller. Dad was born in July 1917 so I assume this was the Kuhnau wedding or perhaps a Holiday 1917 picture. Nackes owned two small farms NE of the Miller place. The Nackes retired in 1918 and moved to town at 532 East Bourbonnais where he died 6 January (Doug’s birthdate) 1926. She then moved in with the Millers but took her meals in her room and would not see any visitors. She thought she had been swindled out of her money. On 4 May 1928 she went out in the yard due north of the outhouse near the fence, laid down in the flowers, took a straight razor and inflicted numerous cuts behind and below her knees and bled to death. Grandma Miller refused to give the coroner’s office the family information so her brother (living in the Nacke farmhouse) had to fill out and sign the forms. Dad was 11, Nelda 17 and Gladys 22  and living at home at the time but I never heard any of them them ever mention this information. Grandpa Miller was in that outhouse when he died 30 March 1942. They had to turn it over to get him out as Dad said he was laying up against the door. Grandma told her family her brother Henry was not allowed to attend the Services. The Nacke farms (but not the house) went to Grandma and when she died to Gladys, then to Uncle Nels and then to his neighbor near Grant Park when he died. Sources of this information; Richter Family History updated 18 November 1996, Mom and Pearle Peterson (Dads cousin) from years past, and the wills of Luther and Anna Miller.    

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