Sunday, March 24, 2013

Liver and Onions

Liver.  When Marilyn Rose was a youngster the Dr. said her muscles on one side of her body were not developing due to vitamin deficiency. To build her up she needed to eat liver 3 times a week. In our house you ate whatever was served! One dish was put on the table and that is what you ate and when you ate. SO THE WHOLE FAMILY HAD LIVER FOR A YEAR! Needless to say we all grew sick of it but there was no vote. Later on as an adult I loved it and would even order it in the restaurants. Mom would make a heaping platter full and invite the family every once in a while. Once in Martinton I set up a long folding table in the garage for a crowd. I believe Berle was a big liver eater. I'm having a platter served today as that is one package. Leftovers for a week as Barb won't eat it. It was great!  We get our beef straight from the farm, Tonya, our daughter-in-law, gets it from her uncle who raises livestock without the chemicals and drugs used by most places.

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