Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Uncle Alonzo Ted Arthur at Log Cabin

 Mom's uncle standing next to his fathers log cabin, he has his sixgun stapped on his waist. His wife cut the woman in the picture off the photo! Later on they built a larger home around the cabin and then used it as the kitchen. Mom and I saw it in 1971 but didn't take a picture. They had torn down the house and kept the cabin and used it as a ear corn crib. Aunt Lola was with us and said we could have a few pieces of scrap metal that was piled in the corner. She would talk to her brother Lincoln about it. I gave the old coffee pot to our son Dennis and he has it and a picture of John "Paw" Arthur on display. Lincoln's daughter Christine still lives in the house that was built to replace the cabin. It is a gathering place for the Arthur Clan to this day. Someone told Mom that the cabin was moved to a Kentucky park and put on display but Christine said she thought it had been sold for wood.

John Arthur was Mom's grandpa, Lincoln, Ted, Lola and Grandma Maryetta were four of his kids.

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