Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Seven Arnold Grandkids and Mardene 1944


My brother Bill is on the left. Mardene is one happy baby! My sister Marilyn Rose is next. Then Donnie Arnold (Welty's oldest boy). Me in the center. Loren (Welty's second son), then Betty and Jerry Thorsen (Ediths kids). Mom will never forget Bill in his uniform. Bill was slim and trim and wore the uniform with pride both in himself and in his country. He made a point to come to our apartment to see our first baby when he was home on leave. My wife always reminds me to drop in on Mardene because she has a soft spot in her heart for her. She really loves it when Mardene says "Hi Barbara," never ever forgetting her. Marilyn Rose and her husband Charley and the two of us partied down together many times. My wife and Marilyn Rose had babies together, then grandbabies and now great grandbabies. Donnie lived in rural Clifton for a while and was a fuel oil customer of mine. My wife went to Herscher schools for 5 years and was in the same grade as Loren and she rode the same bus as Welty's kids. Betty went to Bradley High but married a guy from my class('61) at Kankakee. Jerry's wife and my wife went to Olivet College together. Sadly, Bill, Loren, Donnie, and Jerry have passed on.

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