Friday, December 7, 2012

Dec 7, 1941

 Welty, Grandpa, Dad, Sherwood Thorson

On this date 71 years ago my parents did what they usually did on a Sunday, they went to spend time with my grandparents. Sometimes it was to the Millers where everyone but Mom spoke German. Sometimes it was to the Arnolds which was an open-door gathering house near Bonfield for their nine kids and many grandkids. Uncle Welty, Uncle Sherwood and Dad discussed the attack and wondered if the three of them would be drafted soon. Grandpa told them since they were all farming they would be deferred as in some other wars. He was right as they were never drafted. Dad developed a hernia and that later on kept him out of the army. After a trip to the ER about 1954 he had surgery for it. Thanks to Aunt Dorothy for telling me this piece of family lore.

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