Friday, December 14, 2012


I have Sarah Ogan's song loaded in my computer and didn't know what "Bulldog Gravy" was so this week I asked Mom's cousin Etta Arnold Owens if she did as her father Ernst was a Kentucky miner most of his life. She did not and I'm glad she didn't after I googled it and read this.

Bulldog gravy refers to a Great Depression era foodstuff associated with American coal miners. It was a mixture of water, flour and grease, and eaten with beans or over a "water sandwich" (bread soaked in lard and water). It is mentioned in the lyrics of the Appalachian lament Man of Constant Sorrow (or Girl of Constant Sorrow, depending on the performer.) It is also mentioned in the lyrics of Sarah Ogan's "Come All You Coal Miners," covered with the title shortened to "Coalminers" by the alt-country group Uncle Tupelo, on their album, "March 16-20, 1992."

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