Friday, February 25, 2011

Gramma Cuz

Finished talking with Gramma Cuz earlier this evening and she is having a really great day! She was laughing and joking and enjoying the conversation; her conversing and me listening. I purchased some old books years ago that were printed for the Kankakee St Paul's Lutheran Church (1979 and 1986), the church we were all raised in, baptized in, and the older Millers buried by. I was surprised to see many relatives, high school classmates and others that I once knew. I made copies of pictures of Arvella Foltz, Buck's wife, and will send one to Buck's sister Adel as we exchange letters frequently. Another one was of Grace Ohrt, dads cousin and sister to Pearle Peterson as we write each other too. Pearle (at 95) is the last one of the 12 children of George Miller, grandpa's brother. Classmates were Guiney, Cartier, Nehls, Belden and more. Other surprises in the communicant membership list included Tom McVey, son of Seth McVey, Aunt Gertie's ex-husband, the Osterhoff's, (Denny's in-laws), and Gerald Peters a neighbor near us in Milkes Grove Township. Give her a call and you will both enjoy it!

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