Monday, February 7, 2011

Betty Thorson

 For many decades I've collected high school annuals and other publications related to Kankakee. This is the 1961 Bradleyan that once belonged to Terry Witthoft, a junior. Cousin Betty was a senior. So was Cousin Loren Arnold and Jerry Thorson but they didn't have a picture. Others were Carol Arthur and Judy Arthur (both seniors). I bought the Kankakee Journal published the day Betty was born and mailed it to her a long time ago. It was a snapshot of what was going on in the Kankakee area and the world on the day she entered this life. I also bought Phyllis Ann a yearbook of her senior class and presented it to her back in the days Mom and her kids came together once a month to celebrate our birthdays and friendship. I have been looking for one for Marilyn Rose (1960) for years but as of yet without any luck but I did find one of her first husband and my great friend and protector, Charlie Walwer! I was lucky and found two St Anne yearbooks when Aunt Dora was a schoolkid. She really appreciated them. Many of the antique stores have closed up in that area and I haven't shopped there for a year or two. Time to get back at it!

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