Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK and Jack Ruby

Uncle Berle loved the mystery surrounding the JFK assassination. He lived in Ft Worth for many years both before and after November 22, 1963. Oswald's Mom lived not far from him and one day while I was visiting in 1964 (maybe '65) he took me to her house and I talked to her through her door as she wouldn't open it. He was embarrassed by my behavior but I was just 20 on Nov 22, 1963 (which was the second anniversary of our marriage). On that visit we also went to Oswald's gravesite, Ruby's nightclub (Berle used to drink there), Dealey Plaza, and the other sites. Hubert Humphrey was in town and spoke at the Texas Hotel (or Hotel Texas as I'm not sure of the exact name). I had an 8mm camera and I took some footage of Hubert and of all of the cops. Berle didn't want me shooting scenes because this was the first time the prez or vice was in town since the assassination and everyone was really nervous. Snipers and cops were all over the area. The white people lined up in front of the hotel and the black across the street. When his limo pulled up in front of the hotel he got out on the right side (white people) but he went around the car to first shake hands with the blacks. This is all on my film which is now on DVD. I shook his hand and smiled at him although I was a big-time Goldwater man (still am). Our third son, Doug, has lived in the Ft Worth area for over 30 years and we have spent many a Thanksgiving and  anniversary with he and his family over the years. I would always go to Dealey on the 22nd. I've met a lot of people there to include James Lavelle the guy handcuffed to Oswald when he was shot. This is a picture of us in '93, we talked for a while and his autograph is on to the famous picture. 

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