Wednesday, October 2, 2013

William Henry Woodall (Mom's Great Grandpa)

By Denton Hargis
William Henry Woodall (1844-1929) Grandson of James Woodall and Mary Fears. W H Woodall was a Civil War Veteran. He married Elizabeth Chaney, daughter of Allen Chaney, in 1868. They had nine children: Mary Jane Woodall_Whitaker_Taylor, John Andrew Woodall, Nancy Elizabeth Woodall_Arthur, Temperance Catherine Woodall, Lucinda Woodall_Whitis, James William "Jim Peg" Woodall, Henry Green Woodall, George Frank Woodall and Daniel Webster Woodall. This photo courtesy of Mike Shaw, grandson of George Frank Woodall...

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  1. This is Mom's Great-Grandpa, he passed away when she was 9 years old. His daughter Nancy married John Arthur. They were the parents of my Grandma, Mary Etta Arthur Arnold. A male Woodall cousin also moved to the Bonfield area in the 1920's.