Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Foltz Reunion 7 July 2013

Foltz Reunion 7 July 2013
               Charlotte Miller was born 12 Feb 1891 the sister to Luther Christian Miller, my Grandfather. She married Cloice Elwood Foltz 4 May 1915 and had 11 children. We went to the yearly Foltz reunion ever since I can remember. There were a lot of connections between our families beside that marriage. Mom's parents lived on the Taylor farm just north of the Foltz place. The younger Arnold's attended the Dunn one-room school across the road from their house along with the Foltz kids and other neighbors. Dad lived a few miles east and he met and married Mom then. Uncle Welty met and married Martha Howard, whose family lived across from the Foltz place. Aunt Edith met and married Sherwood Thorson from near Herscher.  And on and on.
               I was invited to this year's reunion and I had a good time and met people I hadn't seen in many, many years. Pictured is the family of Melvin and Louella Foltz Watson. They lived for a while near Edith's family in Bradley and attended the same school. The Watsons then moved to Kankakee and Sonny (the big guy in the front row) and I were in the same class. He married Pat Ducal who went to Clifton Central with Barb. Mom always attended the Foltz birthday and anniversary parties, wakes and such. Adele Foltz made it clear to Mom she was very welcome to come and that really made Mom feel good! And on and on.  

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