Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rulo School picture


Subject: rulo    Rulo School, not sure of the date. Back row: Teacher Janie Hansford, Tilo McDonald, Bea McCalister, Liz Arthur, Nola Whitaker, Dice Arthur (Hargis), Frances Arthur; Middle row: Ted Arthur, Lina Whitaker, Cora Whitaker, Virge McCalister (Taylor), Rose McDonald, Burta McDonald; Front row: Earn Whitaker, Willie Arthur, Dave McCalister, Virgil Adkins, Henry Adkins, Jess Whitaker, Ida Adkins (Hash), Anna Arthur (Turner); and Rendy McCalister. -- Doyle Speaks
Lina Whitaker (1904-1994) married Grandma Etta Arthur Arnold's  brother Tom (James Thomas Arthur). Gramma's brother Alonzo "Ted" Arthur b. Jan. 26, 1903 d. Feb. 12, 1985  and sister Anna are here too. Tom and Lina were the first ones of the family to move to Kankakee. It was printed in the local newspaper when he left, I have the reprint here somewhere and it was about 1920.

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  1. remember tom and lina fondly. jim lynch