Thursday, February 21, 2013

Welty and The Cumberland Ridge Runners

 Uncle Welty Arnold, his cousins Herman and Lee Arthur with Glenn Gillett on the fiddle played as the Cumberland Ridge Runners around Herscher and Pontiac IL in the 1930s. Francis Krum was also a member. Glenn was related to Doug Wilkins. The Arthurs and Arnolds were originally from the Cumberland Gap area near London, KY. Red Foley was in a band with the same name at that time period. He was from nearby Berea KY and his band became the house band for the National Barn Dance on WLS Radio in Chicago.

Mom loved to tell the stories of her past. We drove out to the Tom Martin place near Bonfield one day and sat in the car while she spoke about such things as when her brother Welty would play his guitar and sing while Edith, Gertie, Berle and Mom trailed him down the long, long lane to the mailbox every day, now 80 years ago. I took pictures that day but wished it had been a video!

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