Monday, August 6, 2012

Thomas J. Arthur 14 July 1929

He was the son of John Arthur and Nan Woodall Arthur and was Mom's uncle. He was the first of the family to move to the Kankakee area, as reported in the Somerset newspaper 12 Sep, 1919. He was the one that would take family members back to Kentucky for burial, to include my grandparents. Picture was taken 14 July, 1929 in IL. Helen was 3. Thanks to Christine Arthur Woods for the picture. His kids were Helen, Melba, Marlene, Ed and he raised Gerties boy Ricky. His wife was Lina Whitaker, she died Nov 1993, he died Jan 1973. Ed was murdered on Hobby Ave in Kankakee, 3 July 1948 for the $80 he had in his billfold.George Claybourne died in prison about 20 years ago for the crime. Helen and Marlene have passed too. I'm taking a copy of this to Melba to make sure she has one. She is in the Nursing Home in Kankakee.

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  1. great guy, remember him fondly. jim lynch 9/28/2012.